The Williams Key: Redefining Safe And Swift Access

Learn more about The Williams Key and how our handy tool has changed the game for First Responders around the world.

Our Story

Meet Trevor Williams, the mastermind behind The Williams Key. By day, Trevor serves as a firefighter in the bustling city of Los Angeles. But his background as a former door carpenter gave him the unique insight to craft the perfect solution for first responders when facing hard-to-tackle doors. 

Trevor's journey began when he recognized the need for a more efficient method of gaining entry during emergencies. Putting his carpentry skills to use, he developed The Williams Key—a soft entry solution designed to provide access to doors and gates without causing any damage. Although initially just for personal use, word spread among his comrades about his handy tool, demand grew, and the rest is history. Today, The Williams Key is trusted by first responders worldwide, with thousands of units sold. 

Your Go-To Quick Access Tool

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can gain quick access without causing property damage! The Williams Key is designed to toggle lock strikes while keeping properties intact. It's perfect for various doors including those with anti-vandal plates and elevator control rooms. Plus, it features a heavy-duty shove-knife for piercing wood trim on inward swinging doors. Developed for speedy entry, it's lightweight, effective, and a must-have for any emergency vehicle or EMS box.

Heavy Duty, Soft Entry

The Williams Key combines heavy-duty construction with a soft entry mechanism, ensuring durability while preventing damage to locks and property. Its robust design withstands the rigors of emergency situations, providing a reliable solution for first responders.

Expertly Designed

Crafted by a firefighter and a former door carpenter, The Williams Key boasts expert design and intuitive functionality. Its ergonomic grip and straightforward operation make it accessible to responders of all types, enhancing efficiency in emergency situations.


Covering all bases, The Williams Key can help you gain access to practically all types of doors, gates, and buildings. It also features a built-in shove-knife for piercing wood trim on the frame of residential inward-swinging doors.


Despite its advanced features, The Williams Key requires zero training for optimal use. Its intuitive design ensures quick grasp of functionality, enabling seamless integration into emergency response protocols for both seasoned professionals and rookies alike.

Trusted By Professionals

Trusted by emergency responders worldwide, The Williams Key has earned a reputation for reliability and effectiveness in the field. Its proven performance and widespread adoption make it the preferred choice for gaining swift and safe access to critical locations during emergencies.

Discover How The Williams Key Is Changing Emergency Response

Hear more about our story from our founder Trevor, discover the principle of our design, and watch the Williams Key work in the hands of First Responders and regular patrons alike.

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